Sunday, October 7, 2012

Easy Fall Craft

I wanted to get crafty today with the kids. I was looking for an easy Fall themed craft and came across an image of a gorgeous leaf and followed the link here. I am so happy I stumbled upon Inner Child Fun. It's such a great site! I checked the step-by-step directions and happened to have all supplies on hand. I quickly printed out four different leaf styles and cut out three of each.
The next step was to fill a shallow pan with shaving cream and then select a few fall inspired acrylic paints. My kids were quite intrigued when I  started squirting the paint on the shaving cream and were even more excited when it was time for them to get involved and swirl the paint into the shaving cream.
We decided to dip half of the leaves into the paint/shaving cream mixture and leave the others alone. You can see more step-by-step instructions on the Inner Child Fun site. We took the dipped leaves outside to dry and since we live in Florida it's pretty much still Summer here. I emptied the rest of the shaving cream into a kiddie pool and set up our slip-n-slide. The kids loved wiggling around in the shaving cream and then splashing in the water. After a bit, the leaves dried nicely and we strung them up using some craft string and clothespins. Here's a few pics of the final results:
Anyhow, if you're looking for a super easy and fun craft for the little ones, this is a winner. Who needs to travel to see Fall foilage when you can make these at home?

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