Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Gummy Bear Science

I scored an awesome science experiment book last weekend at the craft store. It was just $1!!!!! We decided to conduct the first experiment with Jazzy. It was very simply to conduct. All supplies needed are pictured below.
The title of the experiment is Growing Gummy Bear. I loved that the workbook introduces science vocabulary. We read through the experiment together and the we were able to quiz Jazzy on the new vocabulary. Jazzy did guess correctly that the gummy bear would grow when left in water overnight. The next morning we measured the sticky bear to test her prediction. You'll be able to view the results of the experiment below. Jazzy asked if she could eat the gummy bear. I didn't see the harm. I asked her if it tasted like a normal gummy bear and she said it tasted like water. When I asked why she thought it tasted like water she said, "Because it soaked up so much of it overnight through osmosis." Osmosis was a vocabulary term she learned from the outcome of the experiment. Good job Jazzy!!!

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