Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Day At Play

Today started like most days. I woke to the sounds of my giggling toddlers coming through the baby monitor. I must admit, there is no better way  than that to wake up each morning. Today and every Wednesday, I host mommy preschool in my home. My friend allows me to teach and play with her twin boys alongside of my little Roo. All three kiddos are two and a half with third birthdays quickly approaching. Roo is my girl Emma, my first. I also have lil' Turkey -- Andrew. He recently passed the one year mark and is a force to be reckoned with. Roo and Turkey have a big sissy too. She is my step-daughter Jasmine -- aka Jazzy. Boy-oh-boy do those kiddos keep life interesting! Their daddy is my hard working husband, Marcus

I've set up a blog page before but I've never made it past the "design" phase. I am determined to blog about my experiences being a mommy to two toddlers at play. Like many mommies I know, I started a home based business with an AWESOME company called SimplyFun. I had no idea the impact it would have on my family.  The mission of the company hit home with me: Smarter Kids & Stronger Families. You can learn more about the company mission here. I was invited to a party and while I was there I knew I had to get involved. That was October 2011. In the short time I've been a part of the SimplyFun family, I have learned so much about how kids learn through play... not through flashcards and not through popular videos. I am so passionate about what I am experiencing within my family. I want to share it with others who know that the best place for kids to learn is at home with their families.

I've always had a passion for teaching. I began my teaching career in 2004 and I haven't stopped since. I spent most of the years since then teaching middle school math. I spent one year at the high school level. I wasn't a big fan!! I needed something that would fit my strong desire to stay home with my kiddos. Thankfully my Master's Degree in Math Education allowed me to take a position with my local community college teaching prep math. I LOVE IT! Teaching adults is almost as amazing as teaching my own children. I truly found the perfect balance of work and family. I am so grateful!

Come back often and read along as I reflect upon moments of play and the learning that occurs in those precious moments.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it, Katie. Good luck. I love blogging, but unfortunately have slowed down a lot since being home with my kids. I honestly had more time to doing when I was working. Now life is too busy!

    1. Thanks Maggie. Heehee. I was super excited when I saw I had a comment. That made my day. ;-)